Who We Are

Labidino produces 10 different species of cabbage and lettuce in 250 acres of greenhouse and 500 acres of outdoor crops with the latest methods, working with leading world seed and crop monitoring companies.

Ultra-modern processing and standardization unit for lettuce, vegetables and sweet corn with the most stringent IFS certification methods.

What We Do







What In Season


Red like passion, with a wild succulent beauty, it refreshes the palate offering moments of indulgence.

Sweet corn

This is a favourite with both the young and old. It is a delectable choice for all seasons. Try it boiled, roasted or as a supplement in creative salads.


In recent years it has become the spiciest savoury suggestion for each dinner table. It provides infinite salad combinations as well as creative savoury presentations. It only has admirers and you can find it everywhere.

Lollo Rosso

Well known, familiar and popular salads. The lightly bitter Lollo Rossa taste in conjunction with the Lollo Bionda bright green colour offer us the ideal combination. A crispy texture and a long-lasting freshness!

Lollo Bionda

Well known, familiar and popular salads. The lightly bitter Lollo Rossa taste in conjunction with the Lollo Bionda bright green colour offer us the ideal combination. A crispy texture and a long-lasting freshness!

Romaine Lettuce

Bristled dark green leaves with a nice shape. Very delicate flavour with a crunchy texture and rich after-taste.

Oak leaf red / green

Broad leaf salads with an alluring appearance! Spicy and crunchy, they come in light green tints with red edges and bright green.


The smooth sweet taste defines the most cosmopolitan salad. The French green lettuce with a soft texture and a tender heart comes in a variety of green colour combinations.

Production Process

Every year, Labidino agronomists prepare a sowing and harvesting schedule. For each vegetable, they select the best soils in the most suitable regions of Europe, together with the farmers and cooperatives. To be able to offer consumers the best vegetables, they select optimal seeds in cooperation with seed breeders. Crop rotation is crucial: it allows us to prevent soil diseases and to maximize the yield.

During cultivation expert agronomists help our farmers achieve the best results. The most efficient cultivation technology is selected for each specific crop and location. Crops are produced in larger volumes and more efficiently using less water, fertilizer and plant protection agents. Labidino aims to maximize crop yields, with minimal impact on nature and the environment. The details of the growth are recorded in crop reports that are available in a huge database.

The whole cultivation process is monitored perfectly to harvest the vegetables at optimum maturity. Our fields are never far from the processing plant. Thanks to the limited transport time, the freshness of our vegetables and fruit is preserved. Once received in the factory, the products immediately go through quality control. If they meet all the requirements, they are unloaded and conveyed to their specific production line. Each load is given a unique code to ensure traceability throughout the supply chain.

The frozen vegetables are initially packed in large crates and kept in cold stores at a temperature of up to -28°C. As a result, our vegetables are available all year-round, regardless of the harvest season. They are packed into smaller containers or bags or mixed to create convenience products, in line with a customer’s order.

The frozen vegetables are conveyed to a loading bay, departing from there to the customer’s in a refrigerated container.



In addition, we have an absolute traceability system that allows us to know where the product comes from, how it has grown, when it was harvested, when it was packed, the packaging materials used and the customers to whom the product was distributed.

As a result, we know exactly what type of product is located where, in which quantity, both during the actual processing and later in the warehouses.

Respect for natural quality

Nature produces tasty, healthy, pure vegetables and fruit.

Respect for the consumer and the environment is a matter of principle and an integral part of our philosophy. Production of products is carried out with absolute control at all stages by applying systems and methods that minimize the use of pesticides such as the introduction of beneficial insects against enemies and the use of “green” formulations for the treatment of diseases. At the same time we systematically recycle greenhouse plastics as well as paper and plastic from the packaging materials.

Recurarly Inspections

In the field our agronomists and farmers take crop samples regularly and monitor the growth.
As soon as a load of vegetables or fruit arrives at a Labidino processing plant, our quality teams check the variety and size and they control the harvest for possible damage.

During production our vegetables go through several cleaning stages, which are followed by visual inspections. Each production site has its own labs, where products undergo a series of tests (physical inspection and tests to determine chemical and bacteriological properties).