The Haralambos & Constantinos Lagos Brothers have been employed in their father's agricultural business since age eighteen. This agricultural business concentrated on the cultivation of potatoes and watermelons. In 1994 they established the first greenhouse complex over 2.5 hectares to cultivate premature vegetables and lettuce. In 1998 for the first time they supplied sweet corn to the German market.

The Lagos Brothers established the LABIDINO LTD Company in 2000 for the standardizing, packaging and trading of their produce, which broadened the range of their products and their sales network both in Greece and abroad.

In 2009 the company was converted to a Societe Anonyme, which is accommodated at a new privately owned site with modern mechanical equipment that is suitable for the standardization and packaging of increased quantities for the market. It assures that all the modern and strict processing standards under GLOBAL GAP and the packaging standards under IFS are met.