A name for fresh, for crunchy and for extreme convenience.

Just one cut of the knife and the lettuce separates into numerous small ready-to-eat leaves!

Taste Salanova and you will have gained a valuable experience.


Salanova Lollo Bionda
A very attractive lettuce. Lightly bitter. Deeply-incised leaves. Fresh green colour. Good shelf life.
Salanova Lollo Rossa
Nice 3-D leaf structure. Lightly bitter. Deeply-incised leaves. Available in "double-red" or deep "triple-red" colour. Good shelf life.
Salanova Multi-leaf* butterhead-green
Gives many small leaves. Lovely tender flavour. Presents attractively on the shelf. Fresh green colour.
Salanova Multi-leaf* butterhead-red
Gives many small leaves. Very pretty colour contrast. In one leaf: yellow, green and red. Attractive 3-D leaf shape. Lovely fresh flavour.  
Salanova Multi-leaf* oakleaf-green
Gives many small leaves. Very attractive, firm head. Fresh, dark green colour. Nicely-lobed leaves.
Salanova Multi-leaf* oakleaf-red
Gives many small leaves. Fresh, nutty flavour. Warm-red colour. Nicely-lobed leaves.  

* Multi-leaf= up to more than 200 leaves