Lollo bionda /Lollo rossa

Well known, familiar and popular salads. The lightly bitter Lollo Rossa taste in conjunction with the Lollo Bionda bright green colour offer us the ideal combination. A crispy texture and a long-lasting freshness!

Oak leaf red / green

Broad leaf salads with an alluring appearance! Spicy and crunchy, they come in light green tints with red edges and bright green.  


The smooth sweet taste defines the most cosmopolitan salad. The French green lettuce with a soft texture and a tender heart comes in a variety of green colour combinations.

Chinese cabbage

The sweet cabbage is constantly capturing new markets and ardent supporters. It has a soft texture at the top and a crispy texture at the base.

Sweet corn

This is a favourite with both the young and old. It is a delectable choice for all seasons. Try it boiled, roasted or as a supplement in creative salads.


Its light bitter taste provides a refreshing essence to every salad. It is resilient to long-life storage. Tints of yellow and green in an ideal combination!


It has a unique and exceptional bitter taste which is the necessary supplement for the ideal salad. It has acquired ardent supporters throughout the world also favourite with the cut salad industry.


It is a mellow salad with a full smooth heart and well formed leaves. It is the basic ingredient for the creation of tasteful vegetable combinations. A light hue of green and yellow!


In recent years it has become the spiciest savoury suggestion for each dinner table. It provides infinite salad combinations as well as creative savoury presentations. It only has admirers and you can find it everywhere.

Baby corn Valerian

It has a dark green appearance with rounded compact leaves and a high savoury quality. It has acquired special friends.  

Salanova Lollo Bionda

A very attractive lettuce. Lightly bitter. Deeply-incised leaves. Fresh green colour. Good shelf life.

Salanova Lollo Rossa

Nice 3-D leaf structure. Lightly bitter. Deeply-incised leaves. Available in "double-red" or deep "triple-red" colour. Good shelf life.

Salanova Multi-leaf* butterhead-green

Gives many small leaves. Lovely tender flavour. Presents attractively on the shelf. Fresh green colour.

Salanova Multi-leaf* butterhead-red

Gives many small leaves. Very pretty colour contrast. In one leaf: yellow, green and red. Attractive 3-D leaf shape. Lovely fresh flavour.  

Salanova Multi-leaf* oakleaf-green

Gives many small leaves. Very attractive, firm head. Fresh, dark green colour. Nicely-lobed leaves.

Salanova Multi-leaf* oakleaf-red

Gives many small leaves. Fresh, nutty flavour. Warm-red colour. Nicely-lobed leaves.  

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