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About Us

Labidino is a family owned, productive and commercial enterprise that has been active in the fruit and vegetable sector for almost 2 decades. The headquarters of the company are located in Sageika, Achaia, in the northwestern Peloponnese. Our trained personnel and our long-standing experience enable us to produce with respect to consumer respect and environmental protection. The systematic organization of production, the use of technologies and the modern packaging plant ensure the supply of customers with safe and quality products.

Our History

The Lagou Family is a productive, third-generation rural family. Our fathers and grandparents have been cultivating here in the same land, vegetables and vegetables since 1930. The change from the traditional production to a modern way of vertical cultivation took place in 1994 with the creation of the first greenhouse unit of 24 ha with the purpose of producing integrated products management and high added value.

” In 2000, Labintino Ltd. was founded with the aim of standardizing and marketing the products it produces by expanding its sales network both in Greece and abroad.

In 2009 the company is transformed into Anonymous Company and is housed in new privately-owned facilities with modern mechanical equipment.

Our Customers

Today we export high quality products to the Balkans, Europe Middle East Asia. We cooperate with large supermarket
chains in Greece and abroad as well as with the salad industry.


Technology & Facilities

The company owns 400 ha of privately owned greenhouses and, together with a group of collaborating producers, we cultivate more than 1500 hectares of open-air crops. The packing plant of 1600 m² includes 5 product packaging and sorting lines, 500 m² of modern refrigeration chambers as well as the quality control department. The annual packaging – standardization cycle is 2,000 tons and 8,000,000 pieces of fresh fruit and vegetables.