• Lollo Rossa

    Its intense bitter taste and its dark red colour have the role of a balancer in a cool salad dish. It combines perfectly with LOLLO BIONDA!

  • Lollo Bionda

    Green, bright colour, large crispy leaves, offers the perfect freshness. Try it!

  • Strawberry

    Bright red colour, succulent taste drives you to taste it in many combinations.

  • Romaine Lettuce

    The Greek Lettuce is known to all of us. Bright dark leaves with a sweet taste.

  • Butterhead

    She does not have the name of the French salad accidentally. Blond colour, soft texture and special flavour.

  • Oak leaf red / green

    Crisp colourful leaves for a combination of different vegetables on a plate.


The quality and safety of the food we produce is of paramount importance to us. For this reason, the company has been continuously certified over the last 15 years in both production and packaging. We have a full range of certificates such as:

All our products are produced by applying the code of good agricultural practices and agri-environmental management in accordance with the international GLOBAL GAP IFA standard. In the sophisticated processing and packaging plant, we apply sophisticated industrial products and hygiene practices, according to the German IFS food safety standard and the new QS Qualität certification standard.

We have a full range of certificates such as:

  • IFS Food
  • GLOBAL G.A.P Chain of Custody